You are His Child!

No matter what, or where, or when, or within any circumstance, in doubt, in pain, in anger, in loneliness, in sorrow, in fame, in absence or great gain…our God is there. Years change us, the body changes us, our minds and thoughts come and go. The wrinkles increase, the hair decreases, the muscles fade, the eyesight wains. People notice you, then as the years go by you disappear, becoming a ghost who lives and walks among the beautiful ones. You no longer brighten the doorways, the thoughts of you become obscure, the phone calls lesson, the visits diminish. To others you are not the same…but to our Heavenly Father, you will always be His Child. The most adored, loved, cherished one for Him to think upon. He cries out to you, longing for time spent with you. For us to always take our needs and convert them to answer the call of those outside of us, there is where our need is answered. When we find ourselves lonely and obscure, think upon those who have no one, who cry silently because there is none to hear. Our God asks us to be the ears, the hands, the feet, to go and tell and share and love the unlovable, the lonely and grieving. May we return flesh to these ghostly frames and step into the light of His life, too see again through His eyes of compassion.