He is Always Faithful

As time goes by we each create our own worlds, ever changing, ever fluid. We hold family close as they are young enjoying each moment as they grow, then watch as they create their own worlds and we are blessed for our time with them and proud of who they have become. From where I sit, I can not see the happenings that occur on a daily basis with my friends and family. I may see a few small items of happiness or struggle because of the media called FaceBook, but i don’t see the constant joy, the rushing to get from one place to another, the tears, the arguments, the restless nights.

But from where I sit, I am in contact with an all concerned, loving, caring and watchful God who does know all the secret goings and comings of everyone I know and love. I am glad for that, because i know at any given time I can pray and talk with Him about those lives and those homes who need His love, hope, protection, care and direction and He hears and listens. I may be far away, I may not see you as often as i would like, or talk to you on a daily basis, but my love still lives and my prayers for you still work. My God still listens and answers and watches over each one. Thank you Lord, for You never fail, disappear, forget us or leave us. May you give hope to all I know and love, and hold them in your hands, covering them with your arms of protection and healing their tired and weary hearts.❤️