With Heart and Mind

Morning everyone…Having two friends go through two different types of major surgery last week brought some thoughts to mind. One of these friends had brain surgery while the other had heart surgery, both surgeries working on portions of the body that are major organs which give us life. Any small miscalculation on the part of the surgeons can end life physically, can cause the brain to paralyze large portions of the body or completely turn a world of clarity into a dark empty and non-functioning existence. So we can see how spiritually important these two parts of our human bodies are in respect to God operating within us. Our heart is said to be our compassion center. We love from the heart, we put our hearts into our families, jobs and interests. We allow God to have our hearts to reach out to those in need, to follow His call, to give from our hearts. Our minds are sharpened by God’s word, we focus our abilities, talents, skills through the clarity of our thinking. Without either of these we have a very paralyzed and dark existence.

May we think with pure vision on the life Christ offers us, may we give our hearts to him so that we can bring love and compassion to those around us. May we not miscalculate and try to rule our own hearts and minds to find we have lost sight of our purpose, Christ lives to help us think clearly, love deeply, hope in the midst of loss. May He be given the chance, everyday to rule our hearts and minds with His love.

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