Made In His Image

My mom and my baby sister sitting with my grandmother and other siblings around 1940.

I know that I am a day behind in posting here about Mother’s Day, but I still wanted to share something I shared several years back yet I feel it holds true, and will for all time.

I am so thankful for the amazing compassion of God and His creativity that brings to life His love and strength in the form of our mothers. Within this creation, God packed so many wonderful aspects of himself. Within a mother you will find His never ending love, His strength, His wisdom, one who is always seeking us out no matter where we are, to tell us that we are loved. Within our mothers there are countleIs times of encouragement. Times when we were hurting, discouraged, feeling that there was no meaning to our lives,  yet from them came words of love, countless hours of listening, letting us know that this too will pass and that we will be stronger for those days of sadness. Her words of excitement came for achievements, honors and victories. There can never be a replacement for these wonderful souls placed in charge of our lives from infancy unto eternity. The lasting impression our mothers leave upon us will forever mold who we are.

Thank you Lord for these wonderful, brave, strong, compassionate, tender, encouraging spirits you knew would help to lead us to you. May the Lord Bless and strengthen all of the moms I have been blessed to know. Whether young or old you are loved beyond words. For I believe you are an image of a wise and Loving God.

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