Early Lines

I am not sure of the exact date when I began writing, I just know it was at least in early Jr High. I still have some of those, mostly poems, from the early years and need to sit and ponder what was on my mind at that time. I thought I would post a few of the early FB posts which still have meaning for me and hopefully will be meaningful for you as well. Thanks for reading.

November 2010

May this face bear your smile always, may this heart carry your love and compassion, may this life burn as a bright reminder that you are the creator of all things and the light of all that exists. May the glow of the light of dawn be seen in my eyes and be shared with everyone I meet, that others may know You are the light of the world.

October 2012

We see through a glass darkly, no truth is evident without Gods presence to make it real. He is the filter through which all things should pass, the weight by which all things should be measured. The hearts of men are inherently evil and destructive, how can we trust the words which flow from them? They stand before us as actors upon a stage, puppets controlled by hands of disruption. Bear no thought to their lies but hold Gods truth as our salvation.

June 2014

I often think about the depth and the shallowness of this life, how quickly we cast aside the things we strive for when we become faced with greeting eternity. We spend our lives grasping at straws, trying to grab the brass ring, saving up things that moths and rust destroy only to realize how false they have been in making a life worth eternal weight. Someone told me long ago that we are but a skins thickness away from eternity, and that is true. Life is so much more frail than we believe. We feel as if there will never be an end to what we now see, that each day rolls into another and another. There is a time and a place under Heaven for this mortal act to be finished. The curtain will fall, the lights will go out and the audience will go home. For those who remain, after we leave this stage, they will go on with their production until each of them, as well, will see the last house light go dim. May we bring into the presence of God, arms full of the lives of those we have helped to know Him, those we have encouraged, those we have held and cried with to comfort them on their journey. Let God say of us, well done, not for the money we made, the houses we lived in, the cars we drove, the clothes we wore or the name we made for ourselves, but for the character of God that brought to the world a better life for others, the love for the lost, the peace of Christ, the hope for eternity. May we seek His face and His presence always so that we may be found faithful until the end.

August 2016

Working outside yesterday and the Lord sent an overseer to make sure i was staying on track. I’ve always imagined that when God creates all of the insects, birds and other wildlife, that they start out completely white and He hand paints them with their amazing designs and brilliant colors. It shows His meticulous care in forming each and every one of His beautiful creations. We take ourselves so critically always focusing on our flaws and shortcomings, yet God reminds us that He is so concerned with the very sparrows that not a single one falls without Him noticing it happens and how much more important we are to Him. May you see your importance and beauty through God’s eyes and give praise to Him for your awesome creation and place in this life. You are an amazing design, fearfully and wonderfully made and the Heavens rejoice in His handiwork.

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