It’s About Time

It continues to amaze me how that God will put something in my mind to consider, and then backs it up with events or words from someone else that will go right along the same path. Today was exactly that, with the words of our pastor speaking about the wise use of time and energy directed by God.

This week, because of several things, one of which is the serious illness of a good friend, I have been thinking about time. The swiftness with which things pass through our lives, the never ending string of things that take up our time, the time we need to devote to learn something or to hone our skills, and the always forever need of having more time!! I will be the first to admit that I am not a good manager of my time. I waste far to much of it!! I often overthink things that I have to do, and plan to make sure I have all of the things I think I need to take care of the job or project before I ever start. In doing that a lot of these projects don’t get started or get halfway done because of the lack of materials that I forgot or didn’t think I would need. In any case time gets away from me so I subtract time from other things to replace the time I wasted on the other project/job/hobby/maintenance/repair.

I try my best, but not always, to pray before I start something so that I can be wise, safe, directed and make the best use of the time I am given. Everyday we have X-amount of time for everything that comes our way from sunrise to sunset. We start out each day with good intentions and often sail through it with no problems, while other days are one problem after another with frustrations mounting and headaches that follow us to bed.

Looking at our lives and the years that have passed to this point, reminds us of the speed at which we travel. Always busy, always running, always seeking, for what things? Scripture encourages us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things will be added. From the moment our eyes are opened in the morning may we seek God’s direction for our time. May we pray for our families, our friends who are sick, for those who direct our country, for people everywhere who are in need and for ourselves that we may be a reflection of Christ to everyone we meet. From the home, the job, the church, the neighbor, the man on the street corner with the sign that asks for help, for the lost one in the grocery store, the sad one we see in the restaurant sitting alone, there are avenues of need all around us. May we pray for wisdom and peace and love to follow us and be applied through us to all we meet and know.

May our time on Earth be a thing that God considers a treasure to His heart. That we do not waste this precious gift, is a prayer we should pray each day.

Love you my friends, God’s peace be in all of your ways.

There is Peace

John 14:27 is a scripture to read and remind ourselves of every day. Jesus says..”Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you-not as the world gives, I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.”

There are tons of things that on a daily basis bring fear to our hearts and anxiety to our minds. The hearts of men and women are failing them because of fear. Fear of responsibilities, of family stresses, of finances, health issues, world situations, government situations, all of these things bring worry and stress into our daily lives.

People use a lot of things to bring peace to their minds, some of those things can help but way to often it only lasts for a short amount of time and then they look for something else to ease their turmoil. Jesus wants us to know that the peace He gives is not a temporary rest or removal of worry, but a peace that goes way beyond human understanding and can consistently manage those things that take over our thoughts and emotions.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t have to ask for it on a daily basis, like a one time treatment and then we are good to go. Every day we need to ask for His peace over specifics, seek His wisdom through the tough stuff we face, the past that haunts us, the present that consumes us, the future that brings fear and steals our sleep.

Christ is our hope, our shelter, our forgiveness, our light in darkness, our rest in the weariness, our peace when none seems available. Let us put each and every situation and moment into His hands so that fear does not consume us and take away our ability to cope. We have a life that is amazing when placed into His hands. I pray His peace becomes your rest, your hope, your love, your life, your everything.