A Thankful Heart

1: A thankful heart is one who understands the touch of God’s mercy. To know that the great gift of salvation was paid for us, because of love, long before we even existed. That mercy looked beyond anything we have ever done and knew we could never hope to repay. It was and is given freely and graciously. May we remember every moment, that God’s mercy is given that we may give it in return to all who cross our path.

2: I am thankful that my worth is established not by the views or restrictions placed upon me by others, but by the forgiveness and perfect love of a savior who sees endless possibilities within me. May I see myself through His eyes, through His love, through His character, through His acceptance, through His faith in me and never sell myself short because of this world’s desire to belittle me in order to glorify themselves.

3. A thankful heart is retrospective. It becomes more thankful with time and the ability to look back upon the blessings that have followed it. I am amazed at the way God shows His love through individuals, those that put flesh upon His spirit in human form making words into reality. I was blessed with the most wonderful mother who made love not just a word but an action, an act that was carried through every day. It was never just occasional but constant and unconditional. It was alive and growing, an example of what God was and what we should be. Pure love is a seed that is planted, watered, nurtured, pruned and harvested. Though it sometimes suffers droughts and hardships, if rooted and given great care it will survive to become a mighty tree whose roots will anchor firmly it’s house and spread it’s arms to cover many souls beyond.

4. I am Thankful over and over again that God stays right with us through everything that goes on in our lives. That He is NOT an historic figure made up of imaginary visions by humans hanging out around a fire smoking something that gave them weird ideas, But that He is real, creative, loving, protecting, constant, unchanging, able to heal and change the hearts of man. And i know His presence every day. I am Thankful for the smallest of things that bring joy into our lives. Memories, sounds, smells, beauty all around us, the smile of a child, laughter…so many things that lift our hearts that cost nothing. Those simple things that God has given us. I am Thankful that another day has dawned for us. The wind in the trees, the colorful leaves on the ground, the purring kitty in my lap. Eyes to see these things, ears to hear, emotions to enjoy the ups and downs of life. The inner creations that make us who God designed us to be. That we can enjoy who we are, although we are weak and flawed, God has put into us a personality that is special, gifted, loving, encouraging, strong and faithful. May we use it to the best of our ability, strengthened by God, to reach out to make someone elses life better today.

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