The Light Has Come

Luke 1:79 (LEB): “to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to direct our feet into the way of peace”
It’s pretty easy to understand that so many things we read, hear and see are negative, dark and depressing.Things that cause us worry and fear. Depression is a huge state of being that engulfs so many on a daily basis and often times it is greater during the holidays. At the birth of his son, the profit John The Baptist, Zachariah spoke about God’s promise of salvation, hope and mercy. That the dawn had come, salvation that had been promised, the Light would be given to those who sit in darkness to direct their path to life. Zachariah spoke words of hope and promises, we also have the opportunity to speak words of hope, life, light, peace, provision and mercy. There can be power in our words, life not darkness, we decide what will come from our lips. May we start and end our day with the prayers that the words of our mouth and the the things we think on through our day, will be acceptable in the sight of God, bringing hope and light into every life we touch. It is worth the effort to bring joy and encouragement into the dark and saddening areas of our world. Arise and shine for the light of God has come.❣️
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