Come All Ye Faithful

( I meant to publish this at Christmas but like a lot of the time I was sidetracked with things and didn’t get it done. Although it is late, it bears a simple truth that does not change. He is hope! May we remember that and be swift to share with those who are without hope for He is life❣️)

The Christmas Season is always one of my most favorite times of year. And although there is more of an air of love, of giving, of peace and family, there is also the knowledge that there are many lost and lonely hearts who see it as a very sad and depressing time without loved ones and hope. May we be more aware of those around us who need an extra smile, a warm handout, a hot meal and the gift of God’s love through many different ways. May we be His hands and feet during this season for we are blessed with His hope and life.
Father, may i work toward bringing too you the gifts of brokenness, humility, a desire for more of your presence, less of my selfishness, a hope for the lost and weary, a mind with more of you and less of the world and my thoughts…all of these and more of a reflection of you this season as a celebration of Christ’s birth and gift of change that He has made in me. May i give to you more time, more devotion, more of your truth, to prove that i am a follower and not just a fan with words without sacrifice.

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