Anxious For Nothing

I have several friends that I know of, and possibly even more that I do not, who suffer from anxiety. It is a real battle that wars within them on many levels. With our current conditions they are anxious about health, theirs and their family. They are anxious about loss of income, the struggle with getting supplies that they need and the very absence of interaction with others. I ask for your prayers for all of these, countless individuals around our Nation and the world who need God’s peace and comfort. He is our strong foundation, our rock, our hope, our peace.
I thank you Lord for times of restoration and renewal. Life can be so overwhelming and we try way to often to conquer it by ourselves and it leaves us totally drained of your presence. I love the times of being home, the quiet, the forest around me, the pets…and in those simple things i feel your presence and i can clear my thoughts and frustrations and hear you again. I try way to often to muddle my way through tension and solve problems with my meager abilities. When what i need to do is face everyday from the beginning, with your peace, strength and wisdom. And as the day goes on, and the problems sometimes increase, then my focus on You should increase as well. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, the actions react, the love becomes even more noticeable. May my struggles become less of a distraction in my quest to be more like you, and they become mere trophies that shine to your glory of what is always possible with God.

He Lives

God is as close as our heartbeat, the air that we breathe, the sound of the wind blowing in the trees and touching your face. He sees, understands and feels deeply your needs and concerns. Although we can’t gather with you in real life, to walk or hug, hear the audible sounds of laughter or concern, I am convinced that God is there and will never leave you or forsake you. As He rose from the dead to secure our eternity, He returned to the disciples to encourage and remind them that He would be with them always and He would send the Comforter of the Holy Spirit to strengthen and give power to them, to survive what things lay ahead. We are not alone in anything we experience, He goes before us, beside us, behind us and most of all within us❣️The Son of God walked out from among the tombs, the places of the dead, to bring Life, Hope, Purpose, Peace and Determination to show that Freedom Alone is found in Him❤️ and Strength to Survive Everything that comes our way so that we may shine His Light into the darkness of all mankind. He Lives so that We can Live.