Be Still And Know

Every day, This day, is one that is designed and given to us to be thankful for , to rejoice and to be glad in. Every breath that we take is another opportunity to bring hope, life and light into this world that we touch. In our present world there are so many chances to breathe life and hope and peace to all those around us. To do that we should start our day with thanksgiving and a time in God’s presence to hear His voice, read His words, seek forgiveness for our distance from Him, to thank Him for all the blessings we have had showered down on us. To be still in His presence and find out what ways, and in what direction God is leading to be the hands and feet of Jesus. In His still and quiet way, He calms our worry and anxiety, He helps us remember that We are not alone nor are we in charge. HE IS STILL The Lord of all creation. HE IS STILL The Light in the darkness. HE IS STILL The Peace that passes all understanding. For us to remember that HE IS STILL who He promised to be and that all His promises are true, LET US BE STILL and know that He is God❣️