Respect the Rust

The Years take their toll.

I have always enjoyed old things. I enjoy aged machinary, tools, houses, but cars especially. I love the stories of how they began and the people behind their origin. I love thinking of what these old vehicles have seen in their lifetime and the individuals who proudly purchased them and drove them. I have a respect for the designers and engineers making breakthroughs with every new model that came off the line. I love the history of man’s creativity in so many aspects of life.

Hebrews 12:1 reminds us that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. These witnesses, scripture says, should help us to put off every weight and the sin that easily ensnares us and run with patient endurance the race that has been set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

We have had witnesses in our lives, growing up, that proved to us that no matter what was faced, God provided and came through in the hardest of times. I have always loved being around older, golden aged individuals who told stories of their lives growing up. They spoke with confident proof of battles faced, scars received, loved ones lost but never wavered in their faith, for their God always gave grace in times of trouble. I miss so many of my relatives who have passed on and are no longer here. I miss sitting at their feet receiving their words of wisdom with gentle smiles given through true love. Witnesses for us come in all ages and all backgrounds. Each of them carrying truth, hope and love that represents the Father God’s purpose and reassurance that He will never leave us or foresake us. Let us respect those who have gone before us, their example in which to find strength. Let us respect those of all ages who hold fast to the promises of Christ so that we also can be considered one of the faithful who shines a light into another life to bring them into the knowledge of God.

A Quiet Strength

There are places that we know which bring peace to us. Each of us being different, each has his or her own place of silent, quiet strength where we can hear God’s voice. It is hard sometimes to shut off the sounds of chaos and demand so that we can hear Him speak. Your place may be sitting – early in the morning, outside listening to the sounds of nature around you. For some of you it may be on a walk or run where you think on His blessings. It can be listening to music that brings you into a time of worship. All of us need quiet, alone time with God to reflect on His love, blessings, direction and compassion. We all need to refresh in God’s presence to receive strength to take on our daily challenges. We need God in the demands of family life, to live out His example, to be wise in our raising of children and being the husband or wife God intends for us to be. We need God in the work place, meeting deadlines, working alongside co-workers and employers who need to see Christ-like examples of work ethic and Christian behavior.

Each day should revolve around Christ in us. To have that living example, we need the quiet strength that alone-time with God and His Word gives to us. Find your quiet strength each day this week. Start a new day with Christ at the center and end it with Christ at the center. You won’t be disappointed with the results you find. Come to His quiet. Still your soul and find strength, rest and peace that will go beyond what is humanly possible. Have a blessed week.

With Heart and Mind

Morning everyone…Having two friends go through two different types of major surgery last week brought some thoughts to mind. One of these friends had brain surgery while the other had heart surgery, both surgeries working on portions of the body that are major organs which give us life. Any small miscalculation on the part of the surgeons can end life physically, can cause the brain to paralyze large portions of the body or completely turn a world of clarity into a dark empty and non-functioning existence. So we can see how spiritually important these two parts of our human bodies are in respect to God operating within us. Our heart is said to be our compassion center. We love from the heart, we put our hearts into our families, jobs and interests. We allow God to have our hearts to reach out to those in need, to follow His call, to give from our hearts. Our minds are sharpened by God’s word, we focus our abilities, talents, skills through the clarity of our thinking. Without either of these we have a very paralyzed and dark existence.

May we think with pure vision on the life Christ offers us, may we give our hearts to him so that we can bring love and compassion to those around us. May we not miscalculate and try to rule our own hearts and minds to find we have lost sight of our purpose, Christ lives to help us think clearly, love deeply, hope in the midst of loss. May He be given the chance, everyday to rule our hearts and minds with His love.

Runaway Ponies

Pretty sure everyone has had days where your plans just don’t turn out like you pictured them. And so was my day yesterday. Plans to visit an old friend with a couple of early stops along the way. But my truck decided it had another plan that it wanted to put into the scheme of things. Driving along as normal, no worries, I approached a slow moving car and kicked it into passing and went around. After merging back into my lane I quickly noticed that I was getting faster. I don’t have cruise control so that wasn’t an issue but it is new enough that it has computer control in several areas. I quickly tried slowing down with the brakes only to have it zoom away again and now was nearing 80! I put it into neutral, with the engine reving wildly, found a wide spot on the shoulder and safely came to a stop. Called my son-in-law who came and helped with figuring out the issue. The computer wisdom, using the throttle position sensor, had decided that it needed more air and fuel so off it ran while I sat back trying to reign in the few ponies under the hood and not take out other random drivers in their wake. 

Sometimes, we have to adjust to the out-of-the-routine things that happen, trying to stay calm and manage the situation. God gives wisdom, calm and direction through all those moments. We have to listen, respond and learn. Life can be tragic, it can be exciting, and it can be peaceful. Always an adventure with the Lord leading the herd.

Fresh Eyes

Paul writing to Philemon said this:

4 I thank my God, always making mention of you in my prayers, 5 because I hear about your love and faith which you have toward the Lord Jesus and for all the saints. 6 I pray that the fellowship of your faith may become effective in the knowledge of every good thing that is in us for Christ. 7 For I have great joy and encouragement from your love, because the hearts of the saints have been refreshed through you, brother. ” (The Bible, Lexham version)

Just like the Earth with its seasons, we have times of drought, floods, things that shake us to our core. But hope of new life and beauty lays beneath the surface of those harsh and troubled days. As new life was born out of a tomb meant for death and sorrow, that life is greater than what we face. That life will always be greater. May we lift up those who face trouble, sadness, doubt, loss and emptiness. May our love refresh the saints, repair the broken hearted and bring joy to their souls. We are His light and love, shining upon a world which tries to solve its own problems. May we light the path always leading to His hope and truth. Have a great day powered by the life of Christ, the hope of glory.


I love this time of year when everything begins to bloom. All of the beautiful mini and micro flowers. The apple and pear blossoms and the beautiful dogwood decorate our yard and surrounding woods. New life begins again showing God’s promises.

“Oh Your grace, so free, watches over me. You have made me new, now life begins with You!!” 

His life can begin again in you no matter the season you have passed through or are in right now. He is a restorer of the broken and weary. No hurt is too deep that He cannot heal. He will breathe new life in you, just have faith and believe. He is there for you! ❤️

Apple Blossom
See the butterfly?

He is Always Faithful

As time goes by we each create our own worlds, ever changing, ever fluid. We hold family close as they are young enjoying each moment as they grow, then watch as they create their own worlds and we are blessed for our time with them and proud of who they have become. From where I sit, I can not see the happenings that occur on a daily basis with my friends and family. I may see a few small items of happiness or struggle because of the media called FaceBook, but i don’t see the constant joy, the rushing to get from one place to another, the tears, the arguments, the restless nights.

But from where I sit, I am in contact with an all concerned, loving, caring and watchful God who does know all the secret goings and comings of everyone I know and love. I am glad for that, because i know at any given time I can pray and talk with Him about those lives and those homes who need His love, hope, protection, care and direction and He hears and listens. I may be far away, I may not see you as often as i would like, or talk to you on a daily basis, but my love still lives and my prayers for you still work. My God still listens and answers and watches over each one. Thank you Lord, for You never fail, disappear, forget us or leave us. May you give hope to all I know and love, and hold them in your hands, covering them with your arms of protection and healing their tired and weary hearts.❤️

You are His Child!

No matter what, or where, or when, or within any circumstance, in doubt, in pain, in anger, in loneliness, in sorrow, in fame, in absence or great gain…our God is there. Years change us, the body changes us, our minds and thoughts come and go. The wrinkles increase, the hair decreases, the muscles fade, the eyesight wains. People notice you, then as the years go by you disappear, becoming a ghost who lives and walks among the beautiful ones. You no longer brighten the doorways, the thoughts of you become obscure, the phone calls lesson, the visits diminish. To others you are not the same…but to our Heavenly Father, you will always be His Child. The most adored, loved, cherished one for Him to think upon. He cries out to you, longing for time spent with you. For us to always take our needs and convert them to answer the call of those outside of us, there is where our need is answered. When we find ourselves lonely and obscure, think upon those who have no one, who cry silently because there is none to hear. Our God asks us to be the ears, the hands, the feet, to go and tell and share and love the unlovable, the lonely and grieving. May we return flesh to these ghostly frames and step into the light of His life, too see again through His eyes of compassion.