Runaway Ponies

Pretty sure everyone has had days where your plans just don’t turn out like you pictured them. And so was my day yesterday. Plans to visit an old friend with a couple of early stops along the way. But my truck decided it had another plan that it wanted to put into the scheme of things. Driving along as normal, no worries, I approached a slow moving car and kicked it into passing and went around. After merging back into my lane I quickly noticed that I was getting faster. I don’t have cruise control so that wasn’t an issue but it is new enough that it has computer control in several areas. I quickly tried slowing down with the brakes only to have it zoom away again and now was nearing 80! I put it into neutral, with the engine reving wildly, found a wide spot on the shoulder and safely came to a stop. Called my son-in-law who came and helped with figuring out the issue. The computer wisdom, using the throttle position sensor, had decided that it needed more air and fuel so off it ran while I sat back trying to reign in the few ponies under the hood and not take out other random drivers in their wake. 

Sometimes, we have to adjust to the out-of-the-routine things that happen, trying to stay calm and manage the situation. God gives wisdom, calm and direction through all those moments. We have to listen, respond and learn. Life can be tragic, it can be exciting, and it can be peaceful. Always an adventure with the Lord leading the herd.